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Meet ZEKE!! Zeke is a super sweet 12 week old lab mix who was unfortunately dealt a bad card early in life, but that’s all about to change. This little guy was unlucky enough to develop puppy strangles and Demodex on his face, both non-contagious conditions that caused him to lose the hair around his

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Meet BELLA! Bella is a super sweet, 3 year old large yellow girl who has just arrived.  A good samaritan saved her from living in a small outdoor pen and has been helping Bella learn what the good life is for the past few months.  The good samaritan has asked us to find Bella a

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  Meet GINGER !! Ginger and her brother Fred are two adorable little things are only about 3-4 weeks old and somehow ended up at a shelter. LFS knew a shelter is no place for two little babies, so now they are safe in rescue. While they are precious, they are not yet ready to be adopted,

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Moonshine – Adopted 07/16/2016

Happy Gotcha Day Moonshine! MEET MOONSHINE!! Whisky and Moonshine are brothers about 5 months old and as cute as can be!! Moonshine and Whisky are both a little unsure of their surroundings right now as they were just brought to our vet from the shelter, but once you show them that there’s nothing to be afraid of, their super

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Homer – Adopted 07/16/2016

Happy Gotcha Day Homer! MEET HOMER!! This is one of the cutest boys ever!! Homer is around 8 months old and ready to find his forever home. He clearly has not had the greatest start to life; it appears as though Homer was abandoned by somebody and then brought to animal control as a stray.

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Brownie – Adopted 07/12/2016

Happy Gotcha Day Brownie! Meet BROWNIE!  Brownie is a pretty 7 year old girl whose owners unfortunately had to give her up due to being allergic.  Brownie has gone through obedience training and is a well-mannered girl.  She enjoys taking walks, playing fetch, and riding in the car.  She does well with children and really

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Sonny – Adopted 07/10/2016

Happy Gotcha Day Sonny!   Meet SONNY!!  Sonny is a very handsome 1.5 year old male yellow Lab whom we just rescued from a local shelter after being surrendered by his family.  Sonny is an incredibly sweet boy who absolutely LOVES people and LOVES to play fetch.  He has a lot of energy, but he

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Meet BRANDY!! Brandy is approx 9 years old and sweet as can be! During our time together she has become quite the perfect pup. She loves walking in the park, watching movies, dogsters ice cream, naps, belly rubs and her new found toys! We’ve taken a few roads trips and she really enjoys the car ride. Brandy adores

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Joie – Adopted 06/28/2016

Happy Gotcha Day Joie! Meet JOIE!  Joie is a healthy, super sweet, happy, and energetic 6 year old chocolate girl. She LOVES to play catch, knows many commands, and clearly had training – she must have belonged to someone once upon a time. She’s just getting settled into her foster home, but foster mom says

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Tia – Adopted 06/27/2016

Happy Gotcha Day Tia! Meet TIA!! This adorable munchkin is 11 weeks old and looking for her forever home. Tia is such a smart little girl, she’s already learned how to use a dog door! Stay tuned for more info as we get her settled at her foster home and find out more about her.

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Kayla – Adopted 06/23/2016

Happy Gotcha Day Kayla! Meet KAYLA!!! This super sweet girl is about 5-6 years old and one of the newest members to LFS. She has a great temperament and loves every person she has met so far. Kayla appears to do well with other dogs and is relatively calm. Keep checking back for more info as

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MEET WHISKY!! Whisky and Moonshine are brothers about 5 months old and as cute as can be!! Moonshine and Whisky are both a little unsure of their surroundings right now as they were just brought to our vet from the shelter, but once you show them that there’s nothing to be afraid of, their super personalities come shining through

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Meet CHESNEY! Chesney came to Labrador Friends today after being surrendered to animal control.  Chesney’s mom and dad recently died in a car accident. They had had him since he was a puppy.  A friend tried to take care of him, but was not able to continue.  He is a very sweet, laid back 13-14

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Roy – Adopted 06/19/2016

Happy Gotcha Day Roy!! Meet ROY!!! Roy is an incredibly handsome 1-2 year old boy. He is super fun and so happy to be out of the shelter! Roy is a smart, eager to please boy who had been picked to go into a training program as a working dog for a government agency, but

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Meet TATE!! Tate is a 2.5 year old yellow boy who was surrendered to us when his owners could no longer take care of him. We quickly moved Tate into a foster home, where we have already learned a few things about this goofy boy. Tate is a high energy guy who is still learning

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Molly – Adopted 06/11/2016

Happy Gotcha Day Molly! Meet MOLLY! Molly is 3-4 year old smaller-sized lab mix, maybe even part collie.  She only weighs about 30 pounds. She’s super sweet but scared and learning to adapt to her new surroundings.  Our vet even liked her so much he said if he didn’t already have 6 dogs she’d have been his new family

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Meet MAXX. Maxx is handsome older gentleman is a sweet 10 year old guy. Unfortunately, his owner lost his home and could not keep him anymore. LFS stepped in to give this guy a chance at another loving home. Maxx is super sweet, good with other dogs and people. He’s still a little sad about losing

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Arthur – Adopted 04/06/2016

Happy Gotcha Day Arthur! Meet ARTHUR! Arthur is about 4 years old, very friendly, and loves people and other dogs.  Unfortunately, Arthur is heartworm-positive but we’ve started his treatment. He wants to be right by humans, sits at your feet, his whole body touching you.  Arthur is a wonderful, happy, goofy guy and would be a great family dog. Foster update

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