Daisy D

MEET DAISY D!! Miss Daisy is a sweet and loving senior yellow lab. We are getting a proper age estimate from our vet, but we think she’s somewhere around 8-10 years. She looks to be a purebred English lab, but her ears didn’t quite get the memo. She’s got the stocky, shorter body of an English lab. Poor Daisy is not sure how she ended up in a noisy kennel in a shelter. Luckily, LFS heard about her and came to the rescue. The shelter said Daisy’s owners surrendered her because they were moving and couldn’t take her with them. She lived with other dogs in the past and gets along well with them. Daisy is an easy going girl and just needs a warm place to live out the rest of her golden years. 

Unfortunately Daisy is heartworm positive, so she is at our vet to start her treatment.  
She will move to her foster home soon where we will learn more about her. Stay tuned for updates on this sweet senior gal! 
If you’d be interested in adopting Daisy when she’s ready, please go to labradorfriends.com/how-to-adopt

FOSTER UPDATE!! Daisy is a beautiful girl who we estimate to be around 7-8 years old. She’s your typical lab, just with funny ears that didn’t get the memo.
Daisy is one of the sweetest low maintenance dogs we have ever fostered. When I picked her up from the vet’s office, she instantly greeted me with with a warm smile and a happy tail. She loves to be next you at all times, but sometimes she can’t be bothered to get up from her comfy spot. Even though she is your average older girl who sleeps a lot, she enjoys her daily walks. Daisy loves to play with her toys and will jog after tennis balls. She is great with kids and other dogs, and she doesn’t mind being tussled around a little bit. Daisy is currently in the first phase of her heartworm treatment, and she’s been doing really well.

If you’d be interested in adopting Daisy, go to labradorfriends.com/how-to-adopt or send us an email

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  1. Kae Dickson Reply

    I have two other dogs. Would they be susceptible to the heart worm disease?
    If not, I would love to have her.

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